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Empowering & Enabling Technology

An attempt to digitize the road transportation industry by creating an unprecedented platform for Shippers & Truckers transact digitally. With the thought of reaching out to one and all related to the trucking industry, the app has been made multilingual. It not only enables each and every Indian to be a part of this network but it also gives them the ease and comfort of their regional language while using the app.

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Data Analytics is the key product of Bigtruck

Bigtruck.in app not only empowers Shippers & truckers to transact on a digital platform, but also enables them with a plethora of new analytical report in order to enhance their efficacy. It helps you with new opportunities and facilitates you to look beyond your ambit

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Small Team With Big Ambition


Bigtruck app, a cutting age technology which helps shippers, cargo owners, truck drivers, truck owners from across India to connect with each other digitally on a single platform and do hassle free movement of goods.

Bigtruck Connect App: Attention Shippers, Fleet Owners & Truck owners: You are requested to download “Bigtruck Connect App”, which will enable you to register with Bigtruck network . Post registration you will be able to transact on your shipment.

Bigtruck Driver App: Attention Truck Drivers: You are requested to download “Bigtruck Driver App” post your registration authentication in order to get active in Bigtruck.in network.

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