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A smooth, secure, and safe moving process demands hiring 100% trustworthy services. After all, booking a transport service requires credentials showcasing a complete suite of dependable logistic services with a wide presence in the country. Bigtruck goes the distance, no matter how far your shipment is moving. They find the right connections to keep your business moving.

Today, moving goods across the country has become a challenging task. With millions of online truck booking and transportation service providers, customers find it daring to get the one-stop destination to revolutionize how you can transport your goods and derive an unparalleled consumer experience. Bigtruck unites an extensive network of shippers and truckers to give you reliable and transparent movement combined with a hassle-free user experience.

About Bigtruck

India's premium online truck booking platform with live pricing, Bigtruck is your one-stop destination that brings thousands of trucks to your fingertips. Bigtruck is the country's pioneer web and mobile application-based online truck and transport services booking platform that helps bridge a gap between users who want to hire a truck with thousands of truck drivers for quick and reliable transport expertise.

Bigtruck aims to revolutionize the transportation and shipping industry with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled consumer experience with the booking platform. Maintaining verified partnerships with trusted carriers, Bigtruck helps expedite a reliable and transparent customer experience from the beginning to the end. The application is designed specifically to assist both parties in finding the best bargain available in Vijayawada.

  • Step by step online and web booking

Using strong and automated processes to meet your logistic requirements, Bigtruck brings a step-by-step booking process that helps you book the finest deals available.

  • Simplified solution to all your requirements

To offer unparalleled transport and truck booking services, Bigtruck ensures to help customers gain a reliable and transparent experience from start to end.

  • Reduced operational and customer cost

Bigtruck ensures no middleman's margin or charge. Hence, helping reduce the customer costs. Further, with the help of proper technology, Bigtruck reduces operational costs and presents a fair price for consumers.

  • State-of-the-art AI & Data Science

The automated, tech-focused, and user-friendly platform ensures an unbeatable experience while bringing together more than 25000 trucks and drivers, round-the-clock customer support, and services in over 650 cities across the country.

What makes Bigtruck pioneers in truck booking and transport services?

With an objective to make truck booking and transport services easily accessible, Bigtruck introduces an automated and user-friendly truck booking mobile application that goes beyond the process of meeting transporters face to face before booking your consignment. With the Bigtruck transport and truck booking application, booking a truck reduces to a click away.

With a skilled team and high standards in every facet of transportation, we deliver seamless transport services to any major city in the country. Our application is equipped with simple features that ensure timely and secure transportation services.

We are a customer-centric organization, and we believe in offering comfort and ease when booking a truck. Our mobile application helps shippers and truck owners connect directly across the country through automated processes. Bigtruck services in Vijayawada provide hassle-free transport services using effective security tools and technologies packed for intuitive solutions.

Why choose Bigtruck?

  • Trusted logistics partner
  • Services over 650 cities across the country
  • More than 25000 trucks stationed in our network
  • Certified truck drivers
  • On-time deliveries
  • Proven track record
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Bigtruck Benefits- Truck Rental Booking in Vijayawada

Full Load Truck Services: Truck rental services for full load available with various kinds of trucks at the click of a button.

Easy Advance Booking: Vehicles on Bigtruck have guaranteed availability (daily/weekly/monthly) ensuring on-time reporting.

Bigtruck Ninja Support: Outstanding round the clock customer support available (phone/ online chat)

Transparent Fare Calculation: With the fare calculator, users can directly get the best possible rates online (fixed-rate or bidding method.)

Truck Booking & Transport Services Vijayawada

Providing reliable, customized and affordable truck booking and transport services in Vijayawada, a major commercial hub in India.

Bigtruck is a leading truck booking and transport service provider company ensuring to bridge the gap between shippers and truck owners. With Bigtruck, you get assured place transportation booking requests and logistic services in simple clicks.

About Vijayawada

Vijayawada is the second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh, the South Indian state. Vijayawada also serves as the business capital of Andhra Pradesh. A prominent city in Andhra Pradesh claims to be a treasure trove of history, heritage, and culture. While there is a historical side to Vijayawada, its modern avatar is equally pleasant and attractive. Apart from being a perfect destination for travelers, Vijayawada is also a business centre with an abundance of service providers. It is also home to several leading industrial transportation industries.

Transport Services in Vijayawada

Known as the business capital of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is an important city situated in South India and is considered to be the most connected city to other major cities in the country. Closer to Hyderabad and easy to establish a connection to Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi, Vijaywada has a well-connected network with immediate access to other cities. Vijayawada connects to other cities making the job of transportation services more manageable and steadier.

Main Places to Visit Around Vijayawada

Vijayawada is a delight for travellers and people with a travel bug. The city has beautiful gopurams, ancient caves, age-old temples, luscious parks, and natural, adventurous places.

Undavalli Caves: An ancient set of rock-cut temples located in lush greenery showcasing the Gupta-style architecture, Undavalli caves is an amazing place to visit in Vijayawada.

Prakasam Barrage: An iconic structure in Vijayawada, Prakasam Barrage is a bridge that connects Krishna and Guntur.

Bhavani Island: One of the longest river islands in India, this island will let you enjoy beautiful riverside scenery while indulging in adventure activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a truck online using Bigtruck?

Bigtruck allows an online truck and transport services booking system around the country. We offer pocket-friendly transport services combined with complete security of assets along with vehicle tracking, easy online payments and more. You can book a truck of your choice through a website, application or helpline. Our systems search for the nearest trucks for you and send you all the updates right on your mobile phone.

What are the types of services offered by Bigtruck?

Bigtruck offers services including a full load truck and a part load truck for business as well as personal requirements. Bigtruck has an exclusive platform for customers to get trouble-free and pocket-friendly services to move their consignments all across the country.

Is there a way to know the probable fare and prices for the transport services at Bigtruck?

Bigtruck offers two options for customers. They can either prefer to pay a fixed rate or choose the "bidding" option. Customers can also set a maximum limit for the bidding amount to find the expected costs for the delivery.

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Why Choose Us

  • Hasslefree Shipment

    We provide hasslefree shipping and seamless logistics solutions for all your shipping needs, whether big or small, to all parts of India.

  • Safety & Reliability

    We drive reliability and safety in logistics through effective implementation of security tools and technologies to drive efficiency and operational excellence.

  • Leading Edge Technology

    Our adoption of technology, proven expertise and networks brings us to the forefront in bringing automation to tailor our solutions for your logistics needs.

  • Trusted Partner

    We work on complete transparency to maintain an adequate level of trust. We are the trusted partner in your digital transformation journey.

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The Bigtruck App has been designed to create a single platform for both Shippers and Truck owners to connect directly across India.

This will open the gates from both Shippers & Truck owners to choose from many which in turn will help them choose the right pricing and quality as per their convenience.