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How it


The BIgtruck App has been designed to create one single platform for both Shippers and Truck owners to connect with each other directly. This will open the gates from both Shippers & truck owners to choose from many, which in turn will help them choose the right pricing and quality as per their convenienc

Our extra ordinary tracking system of the truck will enable both the shippers & truck owners to keep a track of the vehicle in transit, which will increase the operational efficiency and eradicate the unnecessary delays in transit & missing shipment. The entire process will boost the operational efficiency & the revenue earning. For ease and comfort of usage the App is available in multi languages.

  • Cargo Owner Creates work order based on the shipment.
  • Nearby available Truck Owners views the work order and sends their price quotation along with other details as mandated.
  • Cargo Owner selects the best quote available and intimates the truck owner.
  • On acceptance of the work order, Truck Owner generates invoice.
  • Truck Owner links his available Truck and the driver for the Work Order accepted.
  • Truck owner shares invoice for the work order with the truck driver.
  • Goods are loaded in the Truck by the Cargo owner.
  • Truck Driver starts from the loading point and can navigate until the destination point.
  • Truck Driver can update necessary documents in the App to intimate Cargo Owner and Truck Owner.
  • The Cargo Owner & the Truck owner will be able to track the vehicle all though the transit.
  • Truck Driver delivers the shipment and completes the work order and the same is updated in the App.



Cargo Owner

  • Mobile App

    Cargo owner after registering himself on the app, can create a work order by specifying the loading point, delivery point, date of pick up, load details. They will have the option to provide a fixed price or keep it open for truck owner to bid. The nearby truck owner can agree upon the pricing quoted by the cargo owner or bid for the load as per details provided. The cargo owner then has the option to choose the best bid on the basis of best rate & truck available near to loading point. On conformity from both parties, the cargo owner assigns the work order, creates invoice and share it with truck owner. The truck driver on receiving the work order loads shipment specifically as mentioned in the work order.

  • Feature

    The cargo owner has the facility to choose & accept the best bid available by the nearby truck owners.

    The cargo owner, truck Owner and truck drivers’ apps are all integrated with Google maps. The cargo owner and truck owner can constantly track the vehicle throughout the transit once they are in network. Know More

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Truck Owner

  • Mobile App

    Truck owners after registering themselves on Bigtruck App will be opened to unlimited business opportunities, Truck owners will be able to view all the shipment made available by the nearby cargo owners for transport and can bid for the one they find suitable. The truck owner can add their truck in the app by providing all necessary details like RC book, Insurance, Fitness certificate , Tax, Road Permit , truck picture and also details of truck driver by providing copy of the driving license and identification details of the driver along with photo.

  • Feature

    Truck owners will be bidding for the shipment to be loaded.

    Truck owners will have an access to unlimited shipment information.

    The Truck owner, cargo owner and Truck driver app are integrated with google maps.

    The cargo owner and truck owner can constantly track the driver throughout the transit. Know More

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Truck Driver

  • Mobile App

    On authentication of the Trucks and the drivers registered by the Truck owner, the truck and the driver is linked to that particular Truck owner in the Bigtruck network. Once the truck owner accepts a work order, he shares the invoice with his available linked truck driver, The concerned truck driver gets intimation through this Bigtruck - Driver app in his mobile. The driver is now ready to take the load and start for his destination.

  • Feature

    The Truck driver gets intimation through the app regarding his work.

    The Truck owner, cargo owner and Truck driver app are integrated with google maps.

    Thus the truck driver gets continuous navigation help.

    The truck driver will also be able to send photos of documents to the Cargo / Truck owner via the app and that will remain stored in the App.Know More

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Multi Language Option

Road transport industry involves multi- lingual population from across India. We understand that to make India digital and to bring them in one digital platform, we have to reach them in their languages. Thus, in order to reach out to every single individual involved in this industry, we have designed our Bigtruck app in multiple regional languages for the ease and comfort of usage of every Indian involved with trucking.

E-way Bill

The Bigtruck App comes with built in E-way bill feature in congruence with the latest E-Way bill initiative from the Government. This enables easy and hassle free movement of shipment from one state to another. As it is included in the app, it saves you from waiting at check post and thus, helps in reduction of logistic operation expense.


Transparency is the need of today’s business. Transportation and Logistics is no exception. With the advent of Bigtruck app, each cargo owner will be aware of the real time situation of the cargo vehicle, each truck owner will be informed about his vehicle’s whereabouts, thus reducing any missing link . The chances of shipment getting lost or unusual delay in delivering shipment to the customer can be averted, which in turn will pave the way for better customer service and better relationship between the Truck owners and the Cargo owners.

By being digital, the entire process becomes transparent. Starts with registration – authentication - work order – bidding/pricing – invoice – navigation – tracking - completion of delivery - online payments. You will able to access each and every information at the touch of your mobile keypads. The entire transaction remains transparent & hassle free to you.

Online Payment Option

Bigtruck online bill pay is a platform which allows a truck owner to issue electronic payment instructions to a cargo owner for payments against the work order completed. The cargo owner needs to make the payment via this Online Bill Payment module. The truck owner can keep track of all the pending payments against work order completed, history of payments received, payment schedules and all information related to invoice. The Bigtruck online pay can virtually eliminate errors, cheque bounces and makes the transaction easier and


Many a times cash is being transferred through drivers on their return from delivery. The online bill pay system will minimize the mismanagement & theft of the cash being carried by the drivers in transit, minimizing losses of the Truck Owners.

Multiple Payment option

Through bigtruck app you can use multiple payment options like credit card, netbanking, direct payment through wpi and you can also use Wallet for any payment.


Apps Feature

Cargo Owner / Truck Owner

Any User can register either as a Cargo Owner or a Truck Owner and then create a profile for them based on their selection. As a Cargo Owner, Users can create work orders for their shipment and as a Truck Owner; they can quote or bid for the created work orders.

Truck Driver

The Truck Drivers will have a separate App, where they will have the details of the work orders that need to be completed, along with loading point, delivery point and navigations. The Truck Driver can update the App when they have arrived at the loading point to pick up the shipment, when they have reached the destination to handover the shipment and when they have completed the work order.

Google Navigations

The Apps are integrated with Google maps for navigations and location tracking purposes. The Cargo Owners and Truck Owners can track the Truck Driver continuously, right from the starting point till the final destination. The Truck Driver can use this feature on their App to get navigated to the loading point, throughout the transit and until the destination.

Complete Tracking and Notifications

The Cargo Owner and Truck Owner will have complete tracking of the shipment throughout the transit. They will as well get notifications at different points, while the shipment is in transit and as and when the Truck Driver updates on their App about picking up of the shipment from the loading point, reaching the destination, handing over the shipment and completing the work order.


Bigtruck app, a cutting age technology which helps shippers, cargo owners, truck drivers, truck owners from across India to connect with each other digitally on a single platform and do hassle free movement of goods.

Bigtruck Connect App: Attention Shippers, Fleet Owners & Truck owners: You are requested to download “Bigtruck Connect App”, which will enable you to register with Bigtruck network . Post registration you will be able to transact on your shipment.

Bigtruck Driver App: Attention Truck Drivers: You are requested to download “Bigtruck Driver App” post your registration authentication in order to get active in Bigtruck.in network.

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Frequently Asked


Yes, you can book a truck up to 2 days in advance.
Yes, whenever you book a truck, it can instantly get booked. However, it will depend on the availability of the truck in your area.
Yes, you will get the estimated distance of travel for the goods to reach the destination.
Yes, you can get the estimated time of delivery for a shipment.
We have two options for you. You may either choose to go for a fixed rate or provide a bidding option. You can also set a maximum limit for the bidding amount. So, you will get to know the estimated fares and charges for the delivery.
We make sure that all the confirmed bookings will be served. However, in certain unforeseen conditions, if the truck is unable to show up, you will be intimated about the same, 30 minutes for the pickup time.
If you have to cancel a confirmed booking, you need to raise a cancellation request through our website or through phone, at least 30 minutes prior to the pickup time.
As of now the available modes of payment are UPI and NEFT.
We regret the inconvenience then and we request you to kindly provide your location manually.
Yes, the distance between loading point and delivery point should be at least 5 kilometers away.
The Work order creation date and loading date should not be more than 3 days away.
Yes, the Truck Driver can load the shipment from the loading point anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Yes you can, however, you can do it before any Truck Owner has sent the bid for it. You cannot edit even if the work order has received single bidding.
While that is one of the options, you may also set up a fixed price for delivery of shipment. A Truck Owner, who agrees on the pricing, will
Yes, you can get the estimated time of delivery for a shipment.