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Khurshid Alam

Founder & CEO

Khurshid is the Founder & CEO of bigtruck. He is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Rumztech which he and waheeda Khan started together from their bedroom and now Rumztech is running successfully & growing 20% YOY. He holds a Master degree in Physics & an MBA in Marketing & Finance. Before debuting as entrepreneur khurshid worked at some of top notch Indian Bank.

Bigtruck is the brainchild of Khurshid and he is known for his leadership, who believe in teamwork and likes to bring out the best from his team and help them to achieve their goal. He is a sports person and a fitness enthusiast who love to play cricket, football and is also a Marathon runner. He participated in some of the Marathon events in India.

If you see his CV you will find nothing is matching and co relating to each other, except his zeal to think and do things out of the box and his ability to convert anything into something big.

Waheeda Khan

Co Founder

Waheeda Khan is the co founder of bigtruck & she is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Waheeda brings over 15 Years of experience in Finance & HR leadership. She has worked with Citicorp, Cholamandalam, Barclays bank etc in finance, credit & risk before plunging into entrepreneurship & started Rumztech along with Khurshid Alam in 2009. Rumztech is running successfully since then. She won awards & accolades for her contribution in the field.

At bigtruck she is heading the HR and Finance Department.

Waheeda is simply outstanding when it comes work and is a complete team player. She loves to play basketball or run extra miles for fitness.

Suresh Sekar

Suresh is a Technology leader who thinks out of the box with 14+ years of experience in product and application development, Solutions Architecture, Project Management. He has build a strong team of engineers at Piccosoft and running it successfully since inception. He has done his masters in computer Science from university of madras.

Suresh is taking care of Information Technology division of bigtruck. Suresh is leading & building up bigtruck application and responsible for delivery of efficient, user friendly application and services.

Suresh is a traveller enthusiast and has love for trekking & long drives. He is also fitness enthusiast and a regular in gym.

Manas Agarwal

Manas Agarwal, is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur and MBA in Analytical Finance from ISB Hyderabad. Manas is a serial entrepreneur and co founder & CEO of Affine Analytics.

At bigtruck Manas is a more then a Mentor and is helping bigtruck to scale high and achieve it’s vision and mission, specially into big data analytics. Big data analytics is the key product of bigtruck and Manas is mentoring and coaxing to develop the core team.

Manas is also a fitness enthusiast and loves to be fit before starting of the day.

Sunayana Senapati

Vice President- Corporate brand and Communications

Sunayana Senapati is a Creative Communicator, and Brand Strategist. In a career span of over 10 years, Sunayana has demonstrated expertise in Finance, Education, Business Development and Digital Marketing, with diversified industry experience across various roles in administrative & rich content marketing practices.

Sunayana has a hunger for learning that goes beyond the call of duty and she has a proven track record in leveraging her analytical and people management skills to successfully implement various projects. Her diligent efforts and assiduous practices at work help her to develop a strong understanding of the products, competition, and industry, so as to achieve the marketing goals and objectives of each of the clients and stakeholders.


At Bigtruck, Sunayana is building effective relationships with clients and other stakeholders to solve real-world problems. With her fundamental interest in emerging technologies, Sunayana is committed to fulfill the vision and help Bigtruck in writing its story to become the Leader in Online Logistics and Supply Chain Space.

She is a fan of web series and loves to eat different cuisines and travel to at least 3 new places every year.


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Bigtruck app, a cutting age technology which helps shippers, cargo owners, truck drivers, truck owners from across India to connect with each other digitally on a single platform and do hassle free movement of goods.

Bigtruck Connect App: Attention Shippers, Fleet Owners & Truck owners: You are requested to download “Bigtruck Connect App”, which will enable you to register with Bigtruck network . Post registration you will be able to transact on your shipment.

Bigtruck Driver App: Attention Truck Drivers: You are requested to download “Bigtruck Driver App” post your registration authentication in order to get active in Bigtruck.in network.

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