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Truck booking is a process very relevant and important in the business sector of every state. The import and export divisions in every state have no other option without booking or hiring trucks. The trucks are the driven force of all kinds of business and each and every day there are thousands of trucks moving in the states and across India.

The trucks have the capacity to get stuck and burden the states. If the truck owners have decided on a strike, the businesses of the states definitely are in crisis. Yes, businesses all over the world are depending on the reliability of trucks. The shipment industries, the logistics industries and so on are hugely dependent on the timely delivery of the goods via trucks. Now, the Truck booking in Vijayawada is easier, Book Truck in Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh within a short time span of a few minutes for your next move.

To get the best and efficient way to move your goods to the shipment area, for all your logistics needs Bigtruck helps you to find the best transport solution at an affordable (transportation) cost. Bigtruck enables you to arrange suitable trucks or containers as per the demand. It is one of the upcoming transportation company making its mark in major cities in India. Book a truck online has never been so easy. Bigtruck is on its way to being the most preferred company or technology solution for online truck booking, truck matching and transport services as we provide guaranteed safe, sound & on-time goods delivery.

Why Bigtruck?

Bigtruck has simplified the delivery process in the transportation business. We have thousands of satisfied customers and our numbers of satisfied truckloads are only getting bigger. To book truckload online in India, it used to be an alien concept. But now with our simple to use Bigtruck master app and bigtruck connect app we have created a seamless ecosystem for finding trucks, trailers to match load requirements and one can find freight/Transporters all over India! Just check your pick up and drop location and keep choosing from the list that suits your requirements. Once we know your location, we will ensure to give you the best service in the quickest possible time frame. Our motto is delivering customer satisfaction by providing a great customer experience and we’re dedicated to all our most valued customers.

Bigtruck app lets you book trucks in Vijayawada from the convenience of your home or office and manage your shipment hasslefree from one place. With truck booking service in Vijayawada, get instant quotes from several shipping companies and save on your unnecessary transportation costs.

How Bigtruck will help you?

Logistics Management

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Last-mile optimization
  • Real-time route optimization
  • Strategic network planning
  • Customer Experience
  • New Business Models

Fleet Management

  • Fleet Maintenance Planning.
  • Route optimization Plan
  • Return fair planning
  • Driver driving behaviours study
  • Driver efficiency
  • Operational capacity planning

Lorry Transport Services In Vijayawada

The contributions of Bigtruck in the logistics and transportation space have to be repeatedly mentioned. Our logistics partners who are engaged with the transportation process in the state and across India ensure carriers to quickly find loads, get instant confirmed bookings and receive payments in time. Bigtruck has it all! Book a truck and experience the unmatched transportation services of the best company in India. A majority of shipment and logistics companies in south India today depend on Bigtruck’s services.

Bigtruck has a dedicated team of professionals keen to serve the customers. The cargo and shipping industry in the state gets a very effective transportation service as our main concern goes to customer satisfaction. Each and every process is digitalized with the most modern technological advancement.

Hence the entire process of cargo shipment is way easier than you expect. The transportation and logistics are now affordable to everyone as we have simplified the cargo shipment process and made it competitive with complete transparency. Enjoy truck booking in Vijayawada with our simple, easy to use truck booking app. For any south Indian transportation and logistics requirement which has become a delightful experience with Bigtruck, It is a title you can rely upon.

Every day, in Vijayawada alone thousands of trucks and containers move to every direction and the majority of the mentioned fleets are coming under the service sector of Bigtruck. It has everything that you would need under the sun from a logistics company dealing with truck transportation. Bigtruck has taken the number one spot in south India for getting several assignments of cargo shipment.


Bigtruck app, a cutting age technology which helps shippers, cargo owners, truck drivers, truck owners from across India to connect with each other digitally on a single platform and do hassle free movement of goods.

Bigtruck Connect App: Attention Shippers, Fleet Owners & Truck owners: You are requested to download “Bigtruck Connect App”, which will enable you to register with Bigtruck network . Post registration you will be able to transact on your shipment.

Bigtruck Driver App: Attention Truck Drivers: You are requested to download “Bigtruck Driver App” post your registration authentication in order to get active in Bigtruck.in network.

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Frequently Asked


Yes, you can book a truck up to 2 days in advance.
Yes, whenever you book a truck, it can instantly get booked. However, it will depend on the availability of the truck in your area.
Yes! You can hire a truck just as easy a booking an Uber. Bigtruck's services are available to any parts of India from Vijayawada
Yes, you can get the estimated time of delivery for a shipment.



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